All the members of the society shall be Life members. Application for membership in the society shall be submitted to the secretary of the society in the prescribed form with the copy of all supporting documents proving eligibility of membership. All the membership shall be provisional initially and will be confirmed only subject to the decision of the Executive Committee.

Types of Membership

  1. Life Members
    A Keralite holding recognized Post Graduate qualification in Periodontology from any University in India (MDS) recognized by the Dental Council of India. The Life members, who have joined before 31st March 2007 will be considered as Founder Members of the society.
  2. Affiliate Members
    A non Keralite who is holding recognized post graduate qualification in periodontology recognized by Dental Council of India.
  3. Honorary Members
    Well known Periodontists of India or abroad shall be selected as Honorary members on the basis of significant contributions in the field of Periodontics and Implantology on recommendation of the executive committee which shall be subject to confirmation by the Annual General body meeting.
  4. Associate Members
    1. Keralites enrolled in a Post graduate course (MDS) in Periodontics in any University in India recognized by Dental Council of India.
    2. Candidates enrolled in post graduate course (MDS) in Periodontics in Universities in Kerala.

Membership Subscription

The executive committee shall decide the subscription rates of different classes of members from time to time. The subscription rates fixed at present are as follows:

  1. Life members other than founder members Rs. 5,000/- (Those who join after 31st March 2007)
  2. Affiliate members = Rs. 5,000/-
  3. Honorary members = No membership Fee
  4. Associate members = Rs. 5,000/-

Associate members will automatically become Life members on sending a copy of their MDS Degree Certificate to the Secretary, SPIK.

Rights and Privileges of Membership

Members of the society shall have the right to participate in all the activities of the society and shall be entitled to receive the publication, that the society may bring out, free of cost.

Cessation of Membership

  1. Membership will be terminated automatically upon the member delivering a formal notice of his resignation to the Secretary.
  2. By death of the member.
  3. Conviction of a member by a criminal court for an offence involving moral turpitude or due to the prosecution of a member in a court of law for a criminal act or any other act which in the opinion of the Executive committee renders the member unfit to continue as a member of the society.
  4. On being adjudged an insolvent.
  5. A member who is not qualified but secured admission on misrepresentation, such a member shall automatically cease to be a member.
  6. If any member floats / forms another Periodontal society parallel and detrimental to our society at the state level, such member shall be removed from the society. The person against whom an action is initiated shall be entitled to appear before the Executive Committee and give explanation before any action is taken. No member is permitted to proceed legally or otherwise against the decision and activity of the society on a particular matter as long as he/she is a member of the society. The executive committee shall be at liberty to proceed against such members and may terminate his membership. Any readmission will be subject to the decision of the Executive Committee. No member shall be entitled to ask for any refund of the membership fees either in whole or part thereof.

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